The Piedmontese breed of cattle originated in the mountains of Italy in the Piedmont region. They are a very pure strain of beef that is still produced and prized there today. They were first introduced in the United States in the early 80's, and today there are thousands of them nationwide. They are, however, still a very small niche in the overall US beef picture.

What Makes Piedmontese Special

Piedmontese cattle naturally posses a gene called "Myostatin" that is a mutation for most other breeds. This gene naturally occurring in all Piedmontese cattle is the secret of why they are so delicious. This gene produces massive "double muscles" in these cattle that are extremely lean and tender. They do not have the fat that most beef has, yet they are very tender at the same time. The meat is just bursting with awesome, rich beef flavor. Pure Piedmontese beef has less fat, cholesterol and calories than chicken, and yet it's flavorful tender beef!  

Research conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) at the MARC Center compared eleven breeds of cattle. The results of these studies confirmed that not only was Piedmontese beef genetically lower in fat than other breeds, it had the lowest fat thickness, 0.29 inches, and the greatest tenderness, 11.0 pounds on the Warner Bratzler Shear Force test, of all the breeds in the study. Results also showed that the average Piedmontese steak was almost 70 grams heavier than the Hereford-Angus cross steak (357.1 grams compared to 288.3 grams) which is thought to be due to larger rib-eye areas on Piedmontese.

Our beef is Piedmontese grass-fed as found in the health benefits chart of the brochure. In choosing to raise this carefully selected breed, we solely grass-feed from start to finish, which enhances the nutritional qualities of the meat even further and is the most natural way that cattle can be fed and raised. 

We believe this beef is simply the healthiest beef out there!  And the most tender and best tasting besides! That makes an awesome combination and is the reason that we are so passionate about producing and sharing it with you.

We have many customers that have become raving fans, We know if you try it, you'll love it!